New: "Brain brune" the dark beer from rainwater

When INTEWA offered the first beer "Brain" made from rainwater in 2016, the experts were amazed. Beer from rainwater? Is rainwater clean enough for this? Can it taste good? The 15,000 bottles of beer that have now been consumed prove it: It tastes good!

INTEWA has not only been able to convince many beer connoisseurs of the quality of beer, but also many consumers to use rainwater as a source of drinking water. This is made possible by AQUALOOP ultrafiltration technology. The INTEWA technology reliably removes contamination and makes the water hygienically safe. The purified rainwater contains no micro-pollutants such as residues of medication or hormones - and of course no pesticides such as glyphosate, almost a unique selling point!

"A water source for beer production cannot be any purer. The first "Brain" is a light beer with a fruity taste and is brewed in the manner of a Trappist beer with a second fermentation on the bottle. The soft rainwater gives Brain an unmistakably mild character, in which the malt aromas stand out. This beer is convincing in quality and taste not in spite of, but because of the use of purified rainwater harvesting!

Due to the popularity of Brain and the profit in terms of taste, as well as the special purity resulting from the use of treated rainwater harvesting, INTEWA has now decided to use these properties for another type of beer: Thus Brain brune was created, the dark beer made from rainwater. The new Brain brune with 6% alcohol has a deep brown color with ruby red reflections. The first taste is intense and balanced between bitterness and the taste of the different malts. The finish gives way to the sweetness, which is characterized by the presence of the spices, and calls for another sip!